KP Tour 2021

A warm welcome!
Nice that you want to participate in the Kenya Music Project!

Here you can register for the summer tour 2021.
We offer you the possibility to participate on site or to enjoy the tour from home.
If you can't participate the entire time on site, you are welcome to join us as well. Just indicate from when to when you want to be there.

Here is the rough schedule of the tour:
Wed, 28.7.: Start of the tour, departure to Wittenberg.
Thu, 29.7., 16:00: City prayer in Wittenberg
Sat, 31.7., 19:00: Kick-off event, streamed from Wittenberg
Sun, 1.8., 11:00: Participation in the church service in Wittenberg
Mon, 2.8.: Departure from Wittenberg to Rüdersdorf
2.8.-6.8.: Time in Rüdersdorf, some smaller activities in the surrounding area
Mo, 2.8., 18:00: Virtual Cookout
Mi, 4.8., 19:00: Worship and Chill evening
Fri, 6.8., 19:00: Open-Door KP-Concert with Streaming
7.8.-8.8.: Time for feedback, conclusion of the tour.
8.8.: Church service in Rüdersdorf followed by open brunch

(All Times in CEST, UTC+02:00)

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Take part in person

You can choose this option if you plan to participate in the Kenya music project in person.

In the further course you can choose in which teams you want to get involved and whether you can be there for the whole tour.

Hint: We charge a participation fee, the amount of which depends on how long you are on the tour. For the full tour it is 50€, for shorter participation correspondingly less. Unfortunately, we can't show the exact amount of the participation fee via this system, which is why the billing of the participation fees is not done via this system.
You will receive another registration form from us after registering via this tool.


Take part at Home

If you can't join us on site, you can still join our tour. We offer several ways to participate in our tour.

You can receive a package of materials from us or participate in projects from home. You can choose what you want to do in the next step.